10 years of giving reaches $500,000 today!

This Earth Day we are celebrating 10 years of giving since Finley established Finley’s Green Leap Forward Fund and made the first two grants herself on Earth Day 2014.  With $80,000 in new grants announced today we celebrate another big landmark—a combined total of $500,000 awarded to environmental organizations through Finley’s fund!  We are so proud of her, and so grateful for all the generous support from all of you!

Today we are awarding $16,000 to each of five organizations all doing great work on the ground to combat climate change and make lives better in the process.  Here’s a little detail on the work Finley’s Green Leap Forward will be supporting through these organizations this year!

• Cacapon Institute – Working directly with school children in Virginia and West Virginia both planting large trees, and potting up seedlings into ‘Growing Native’ nurseries to be managed and cared for by the students throughout their tenure at the school.

• Rainforest Trust – Working with the Brazilian government and traditional communities on a new project protecting over 2 million acres of highly biodiverse and high carbon sequestering rainforest in the Brazilian amazon.

• Cool Earth – Direct support to indigenous people living in and maintaining critical rainforest in the Amazon, Congo Basin, and New Guinea as the most scaleable approach to combating the climate crisis.

• Eden Reforestation Project – Continuing to work with local communities in Mangrove Restoration at Tudor Creek in Kenya.

• Reserva: The Youth Land Trust – Completing the Dracula Preserve project in the cloud forest of Ecuador, and jump starting a new preservation project in the rainforest of Columbia.

A big congratulations and thank you to all the people dedicating their lives to doing this great work!




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