• Sustaining the planet for future generations—$85,000 in new grants today!

    Today we are thrilled to give support to six organizations working towards a sustainable planet where future generations can still experience the wonders of nature.  Through direct efforts to support indigenous communities, to preserve and protect existing forests, and to plant new trees that restore degraded habitats and clean waterways, these

  • To whom it may concern…

    As Earth Day approaches, we are all looking for ways to make our voices heard. Quiet Sunday afternoons are the perfect time to write an old-fashioned letter.  Find a cause that you are passionate about and then the words will flow easily.  Maybe it is thanking your Governor for supporting

  • Egg Hunt Wildlife Treats

    It has been almost 2 weeks since the egg hunt and we’re still staring at a bowl of jelly beans—but these treats we made for the birds are long gone. If you want a nature-friendly and healthy alternative for your Easter eggs try adding treats for your wild friends. Fill

  • A Birthday to Earth Day reminder to check on your young plantings

    How many trees do you get when you plant 100 saplings? We are learning it is unlikely to be 100. Over the summer during weekly waterings of our freshly planted bare-root forest we witnessed just how many little indignities a young tree can suffer.   Some leafed out beautifully only

  • Wait! Don’t cut that vine!

    What to cut, and what not to cut—that is the question. Yesterday we celebrated Finley’s birthday by cutting invasive vines from the forest—remembering how she would pick up clippers and head out to the woods when she had a few spare hours. Starting in an isolated, small woody area just

  • Appreciation to Action!

    Little things can inspire big action. Today is Finley’s Birthday and it’s a great day to appreciate the little things in nature as she did, and then take the leap from appreciation to action! We’ll be home today finding ways to help out the planet in our own back yards—starting

  • 6 feet, 36 trees, 60,000 dollars

      Since Finley’s birthday on March 12th, 6 feet has kept us all apart and brought us all together around the globe. It has also interrupted 36 days of Birthday to Earth Day posts which, this year, are transforming into 36 new trees planted—beginning with the beautiful willow oak that

  • Small Acts on a Global Scale

    These messages on a National Park Train in WALES remind us that our friends around the world are also practicing the many small acts of reduce, reuse and recycle that are important in Finley’s “Green Leap” ideals.

  • Back to School

    Youth are calling for an immediate response to climate change.  Young organizers across the globe are taking action. This past fall, 4 million students took to the streets and protested the lack of progress from politicians and businesses. But here in the US, many of these students are not receiving

  • Don’t Underestimate the Awesomeness of Youth

    If we have learned a lesson from Finely, it is that a light heart can hold serious convictions. Finley admired and drew inspiration from young people—which is why, though almost 18, she convinced her doctors that she should be admitted to the children’s oncology ward. Maybe she saw in others