A Birthday to Earth Day reminder to check on your young plantings

How many trees do you get when you plant 100 saplings? We are learning it is unlikely to be 100. Over the summer during weekly waterings of our freshly planted bare-root forest we witnessed just how many little indignities a young tree can suffer.  

Some leafed out beautifully only to be attacked by molds, while a few others had their precious few leaves eaten by insects.  Some were getting a little too much attention from neighboring vines, and others were planted in a location too wet for their taste.  We even watched one on a trail cam video being violently un-caged and stripped by a persistent deer. 

Clearly persistence is needed on our part as well.  So today, in our first post-winter tour, we tended as able to one of our larger plantings that was literally lopped in half by a fallen branch, we righted cages, and unbent saplings.  So, go out and do what you can now to set your young trees up for success—your trees will thank you over the next few weeks with some well-earned green leaves.

How to care for young trees:


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