• A Tidy Wardrobe

    Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is all the rage. People everywhere are trying to de-clutter and minimize their wardrobes and their lives. But there is an easier way … you just buy less stuff! By simply limiting the influx of new clothing, the rest will come

  • All Stitched Up

    If the first three R’s are “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”, then the fourth R is for “REPAIR”. One of the easiest ways to cut down on waste is to extend the lives of things we already have. When it comes to clothing and backpacks, a repair can bring a much-loved member

  • The Inside Scoop

    What is the yummiest way to cut back on single use plastic? Ice cream cones! Americans eat on average 29 lb.s of ice cream a year. That equals 160 scoops. If any of those scoops are at an ice cream parlor, well, that means a lot of plastic spoons and

  • Leftover Magic

    This Dow-invented food wrap probably did seem magical when it was introduced in 1953, but today we know that there’s nothing magical about single-use plastics. We use them once, and then they’re in the landfill forever. One simple step to reducing in-home, throw-away plastics is to look no further than

  • Time to Bulk Up

    It’s time to BULK up! Heading to the grocery often means coming home with lots of unneeded packaging. The average American produces 4.4lbs of household trash every day, most of that from single use wrapping. Buying in bulk can shrink that to a more sustainable number. So, bring your reusable bags

  • Who says you can’t take it with you?

    Did you know that Americans waste roughly 40% of our food supply? Or that global greenhouse gas emissions from food waste accounts for 8% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions? According to Drawdown, a preeminent source on solutions to global warming, if ranked as a nation “food waste would be the

  • Raising the Bar

    The results are in and we have a clear winner. If you want a “green” clean, use a bar of soap and skip the liquids.  Using a life-cycle comparison, liquid options have an environmental footprint 10 times that of a traditional bar of soap! First off we can compare how

  • Food on the Go

    After a long road trip, is your car littered with coffee cups, soda bottles, sandwich and candy bar wrappers? How many boxed lunches have you eaten at work meetings where the volume of trash exceeded the size of the food you ate? How many plastic cups, stirrers and empty snack

  • Learning the 3Rs

    Ready to live more sustainably? Well, its time we go back to school and learn the 3R’s: REDUCE – REUSE – RECYLE This is the “Waste Hierarchy” and it can guide all of our consumer actions. At the top of the priority list is to reduce. This means we use

  • Finley’s birthday gift takes root in Kenya—18 trees for 18 years

    Today is Finley’s birthday and we’re in Nairobi, Kenya honoring the day with the Green Belt Movement, one of Finley’s first two grantees. Together with the GBM we began the planting of 18 trees for Finley’s 18 years. The trees are in a special space dedicated to Finley called the