• Are your bee-friendly perennials killing bees instead?

    Neonicotinoids, Nicotinoids, or just Neonics. If you haven’t heard of them, it is time to pay attention. There is mounting evidence that neo, ‘new’, nicotine pesticides introduced in the 1990’s are poisonous to bee populations and yet they are still being used on bee-attracting flowers in many home garden centers

  • Time to Believe

    Most Americans believe that Climate Change is real but according to data from the Yale Program on Climate Communications, many don’t think it will happen to them. If the doomsday weather doesn’t worry them, with its already 4-fold increase in floods, droughts, wildfires, hurricanes and those pesky rising insurance payments!

  • Sharing is Caring

    How do you squeeze the most folks into a car? Car-sharing. New services are popping up in cities all over the world making it easier than ever to find a convenient ride. Maybe you need a truck for an hour to pick up a couch you bought on Craigslist. Or

  • A Year-round Farmer’s Market: Your Freezer

    Spring is in the air and that means it’s time to stock up on fresh local produce. In this photo of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, Finley is excited to try some in-season Rainier cherries. Warrenton’s Farmers’ Market starts on April 22nd or find a grower close to you at Local

  • Order Up!

    Restaurants account for approximately 12% of the American economy and take a serious toll on the environment. The greenest option is to eat at home but with our modern lifestyle we normally dine out 4 or 5 times a week. Here are some tips for keeping it green. As a

  • Hotels and Hospitals

    Hotels and hospitals can be some of the most wasteful hosts.  But you can make a difference by speaking up.  Finley forever changed the attitudes of the nurses on her hall with her persistent insistence on paying attention to wasteful practices.  When she took a spin around her floor she

  • Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride

    Ready for user-friendly public transportation? Here are some ideas that will help you sit back and relax knowing you’ve chosen the best transit option for our planet. Many communities, including Washington, DC have a Guaranteed Ride Home program for those who commute by carpool, mass transit or bike. It provides

  • #ForeverMarshallIslands

    Today’s global perspective post is from Finley’s sister, Callie. “This school, packed with silly, beautiful kids, has a front row seat to our changing climate. I took these photos last week, following a tip from a local councilman that this school had been particularly vulnerable to severe weather over recent

  • Solar Energy for All

    If you’ve been considering solar energy for your home, 2017 would be a great year to pull the trigger. The current federal renewable energy tax credit is a whopping 30 percent, but will be phased out after 2019. Additionally, many cities and states offer incentives to help offset installation costs.

  • Making the Environmental Most of Cloth Napkins

    Ever cleared the table from a family meal and debated what to do with that used but unsoiled cloth napkin? If you’ve stayed the night at our house you know you probably have a wooden clothes pin with your name in black sharpie stashed away in our cupboard drawer.  These