Sit Back & Enjoy the Ride

Ready for user-friendly public transportation? Here are some ideas that will help you sit back and relax knowing you’ve chosen the best transit option for our planet.

Many communities, including Washington, DC have a Guaranteed Ride Home program for those who commute by carpool, mass transit or bike. It provides a free ride home if you have a personal emergency or unscheduled overtime. So, if you need to pick up your sick kid but your carpool doesn’t leave the office until 5, no worries, the city will pay for your taxi ride. That’s peace of mind!

Now, take a cue from the Boy Scouts and “Be Prepared”. Plan your best route in advance with Google Maps or an app specific to your town. Pack some just-in-case items like book, phone charger, headphones, snack, or maybe comfy shoes. Organize your wallet with exact change or for regular commuters, dedicate a spot for your bus/metro pass.

You will be all set for a stress-free ride and to be part of the solution.