• To Burn, or Not to Burn

    We all love a wood fire, right? But like everything else in life, there are trade-offs. Through the years we’ve learned a lot about how to minimize the negative outputs of a wood fire, especially particulate matter, while maximizing the useful energy (heat) that it puts out. If you have

  • A Green Shopping List

    When we go green, we avoid unnecessary purchases. So, today we have a shopping list of useful items that everyone needs around their house. Instead of heading to the mall for retail therapy, make a trip to the hardware store to find these products that will reduce your home energy

  • Choose Your Food Wisely

    Agriculture is a large source of our greenhouse gas footprint, with estimates varying from 8 to 15% of total emissions.  In addition to reducing food waste, we can also lower our impact by avoiding foods with high greenhouse gas footprints, especially beef and foods that require long-distance refrigerated transport. Want

  • Cultivate Wonder

    As we worry about “grown-up” concerns like climate change, let’s not forget to cultivate a wonder of the natural world in ourselves and in the next generation. Little kids develop a connection with nature through frequent hands-on, positive experiences like constructing forts, searching for treasures or following streams. By elementary

  • Plant a Tree, But Not This Tree

    When we think of Finley, many of us think of planting trees, perhaps even a tree we’ve helped plant in Finley’s honor. It turns out, however, that not all trees are created equally. We’re learning more and more reasons why native trees bring more benefits than non-natives. But a particularly egregious

  • Just Say No Thanks

    Like most other single use plastics in our modern life, straws have become a habit. They aren’t anything we need but still Americans go through 500 million drinking straws each day. Watch Jeff Bridges speak truth about plastics. Here is a common scenario: a cheerful waitress pulls a handful of

  • Getting Air Tight

    You say the word “Audit” during tax season and folks are a little skittish but a Home Energy Audit can turn your home into a smooth running machine. During an Audit your home is tested to see how airtight it is which will lower your energy consumption, prevent moisture condensation

  • People Power: Are You Taking the Stairs?

    Seems like a simple energy equation, right? Using fossil fuels to move a heavy elevator up and down a building has got to take more energy (and create more greenhouse gas emissions) than a human climbing the stairs. As it turns out, the energy equation gets very complicated, and depends

  • Improving Air and Water by Digging up a Little Lawn

    Lawns have their place, but in general they have now taken too much place. Aside from the matters of fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, irrigation, and fossil-fuel consuming mowers, there is the fundamental matter of carbon. Look at this image of prairie plants and their root systems (created by Heidi Natura of Living

  • Shipping: On the Ground

    Every well run office has an organized shipping center. Your home can have one too but let’s give it a “green” make over. In the age of Fed-Ex and Amazon, we receive countless packages at home. All of those materials can be reused a time or two before recycling them.