• One Christmas in the bag and you’ll never go back!

    Posting today from Virginia, where a late season snow storm makes it feel like Christmas. For as long as I can remember, Finley’s aunt Lynn has been saving paper by wrapping gifts in newspaper and other recycled materials. It took Santa a little longer to catch on, but finally about 9 years

  • Recycling Batteries

    We all love our gadgets, right? Well, those gadgets lead to a lot of thrown out batteries – 3 billion annually to be exact. In each of these batteries is a chemical soup of lead, nickel, cobalt, zinc, manganese dioxide and more that if put in a landfill will leach

  • Happy 21st Birthday Finley

      It is Finley’s birthday, and it’s a tough time for the planet. But when we face great challenges, that is the time we need a little Finley the most. Her light heart, her knowing wisdom—not blind to the seriousness of our circumstances, but not letting them get us down

  • Earth Overshoot Day

    This year Earth Overshoot Day – otherwise known as the-day-human-demand-on-nature-exceeds-supply – falls on August 8th.  After this date, we will use resources at a rate which outpaces Earth’s ability to regenerate them.  This means we are not only living on borrowed capital from future generations, but we are also eroding

  • Finley’s Fund at Work

    On April 22nd Finley’s Green Leap Forward Fund announced it’s third annual round of grants, bringing the total dollars awarded through her fund up to $50,000.  We’d like to tell you a bit more about each of 2016’s four grantees and why their work matters. Catalog Choice, Finley had a personal

  • Triple Jump: $30,000 for 2016 Grants

    Building on the “birthday surprise” that launched Finley’s Fund, an effort sustained by friends, family, and strangers from around the globe in 2014, the fund has continued to grow through gifts and community fundraising events. And now its ability to provide grants has grown as well, and in 2016 the fund

  • Get Into the Action

    In the end, reducing our greenhouse gas emissions is about individual action, but that individual action comes in lots of forms. It’s about eating less meat, it’s about wasting less, it’s about using less electricity. It’s about doing it in our homes, and also about leveraging bigger action in the

  • The Paper Chase

    As consumers we know to recycle paper, but our goal should be to limit use in the first place. Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely. Seven to ten times through is about the maximum before the fibers breakdown. The private sector has cut back, but, according to the Environmental Protection Agency,

  • Make a Choice: Stop Unnecessary Catalogs

    Finley made a difference, and you can too.  One of the ways she made a difference in her personal life, as well as those of others, was to lighten the load of catalogs coming into her home, as well as the homes of friends by signing up with Catalog Choice.

  • Sustainable Palm Oil

    Palm oil is found in 50% of packaged products in your grocery store. But do you know where it came from? Chances are it was farmed on land that a few years ago was one of the world’s most valuable forests. These tropical forests of Southeast Asia are home to