• Don’t Flush That! World Water Day 2016

    Most, if not all, of us take it for granted that we have clean water, plenty of it, and sanitation to boot. Of course, the sanitation (aka sewage treatment or containment) is a requirement for having clean water, but you know that. And having clean water, and enough of it

  • Citizen Science

    What better way to honor Finley than to head out on a hike and take photos of the spring flowers. Now take the next step and put those photos to work by getting involved as a citizen scientist. There are scientists who can use your observations to track the influence

  • Taking Care of Business: Tips for Septic System Owners

    It’s not a very pleasant topic, but it’s less pleasant when things go wrong. Some problems, like a blockage, make themselves known very quickly, but others may cause problems that you don’t realize. Though the septic system is buried and easily forgotten, it’s actually a small, underground passive waste-water treatment

  • Outta the Dump!

    We’ve all gotten pretty good at recycling the basics; bottles, cans, newspapers, but there is a lot more that we can keep out of the landfill. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 34 percent of our waste is currently being composted or recycled but the goal is to double that

  • Drink Locally

    You know all the reasons to eat locally, right? Fresher food, fewer additives, reduced transportation costs, resiliency through local food supply …  Well, the same can be said for what you drink. Tap water, whether you are on a municipal supply or your own well, is the local and more

  • Go Green

    On St. Patrick’s Day we are surrounded by green but how eco-friendly is your celebration? New York City has the oldest parade in the country and it’s also one of the greenest with 150,000 marchers, zero cars or trucks in the parade and the majority of its 2 million spectators

  • Supercook is Here to Help!

    Can you remember what you had for dinner last night? Perhaps more importantly, can you remember what food you wasted yesterday? Food that we leave on our plates or allow to grow moldy in our refrigerators, not to mention the food that retailers toss because finicky customers don’t want brown spots

  • Wear your PJ’s to Work

    The average American commutes 12 minutes each way to work and in Fauquier County, VA the average is almost 40 minutes. All of that time on the road equals thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide released annually per car so why not work from home one day a week? Your

  • Spring into (Native) Planting Season

    Getting itchy for spring? For many of us, spring rituals include planning for and planting perennial flowers which will be with us for many seasons to come.  However, not all flowers are created equally. Plants that are native to your region bring more than just beauty, they also provide vital

  • When Life Gives you Lemons…

    When life gives you Lemons… get cleaning! We all want a clean, healthy home free of harsh chemicals. The EPA has found the air quality in our homes to be 5 to 10 times more toxic than the air outside with much of this pollution coming from conventional, petrochemical cleaners.