• Making the Environmental Most of Cloth Napkins

    Ever cleared the table from a family meal and debated what to do with that used but unsoiled cloth napkin? If you’ve stayed the night at our house you know you probably have a wooden clothes pin with your name in black sharpie stashed away in our cupboard drawer.  These

  • Matches vs. Lighters

    An easy step towards a plastic-free life is to stop using plastic lighters. Your first choice can be an old-school matchbook. These paper matches are made from recycled newspaper. If you really need wooden matches, find ones that are made from sustainably harvested wood but this option still relies on

  • Sustainable Fashion

    Sustainable Fashion We like our fashion, but did you know the average American throws away nearly 70 pounds of clothing per year? So, it really makes sense to pay attention to the environmental impact of the materials that make up your fashion choices.  For instance, most people think of cotton

  • Go Virtual

    Paying your bills online can make a huge difference to the environment. If every US household received electronic statements, we could save 18.5 million trees, 2.2 billion tons of greenhouse gases and 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste per year. It is also makes managing your finances effortless. You can

  • Pedal to the Pavement

    There is a growing tide of bike commuters. The number of bicycle trips went from 1.7 billion in 2001 to 4 billion in 2009. With these increased numbers, streets are safer and businesses are more bike-friendly. Could your workplace join in? The League of American Bicyclists suggests businesses set up

  • Feeling the Heat

    Here’s a super easy way to “green” your cooking habits.  When a recipe calls for pre-heating the oven, skip it. Unless you’re baking bread or complicated French pastries, just put your food in immediately.  Seriously, everything will be fine. Not only will your food taste just as great, but you’ll be

  • The Grass Is Always Greener… If It Isn’t Manicured

    This is an issue Finley was passionate about.  She wanted to let the lawn around her home grow into a meadow to provide habitat for plants and animals, to contribute to healthier soils, to filter rainwater for cleaner streams, and to prevent the sound and air pollution from mowers.  And,

  • A Message from India—the Future is Now

    Today’s post is from the state of Tamil Nadu in southern India where Finley’s cousin Emma is completing a semester as part of her global health major.  Finley and Emma were born the same year, and share a concern for people and the planet.  Thank you Emma for this eye-opening perspective.

  • Green Leaping to Spain

    Finely’s friend Javi writes today’s post from Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera in Spain where he is studying medicine. Javi and Finley became friends while he was on an exchange program to the US. Thank you Javi for sharing your story of inspiration and for reminding us how kindness can make

  • Second Hand Goods

    Imagine this scenario – there’s something that you really need but either can’t afford or justify the cost of. Now imagine getting it for free! How? By utilizing the emerging second hand economy. The marketplace for second hand goods has exploded in the past ten years with the arrival of