• The Paper Chase

    As consumers we know to recycle paper, but our goal should be to limit use in the first place. Paper cannot be recycled indefinitely. Seven to ten times through is about the maximum before the fibers breakdown. The private sector has cut back, but, according to the Environmental Protection Agency,

  • Make a Choice: Stop Unnecessary Catalogs

    Finley made a difference, and you can too.  One of the ways she made a difference in her personal life, as well as those of others, was to lighten the load of catalogs coming into her home, as well as the homes of friends by signing up with Catalog Choice.

  • Sustainable Palm Oil

    Palm oil is found in 50% of packaged products in your grocery store. But do you know where it came from? Chances are it was farmed on land that a few years ago was one of the world’s most valuable forests. These tropical forests of Southeast Asia are home to

  • Listen Up!

    Does any of us know it all? No, and it can be hard to keep up with news and new insights, even for matters we care about deeply like how to decrease our impact on the planet’s resources. One relatively easy way to learn something new each week is to

  • National Park Week

    The National Park Service celebrates its 100th Birthday this year. Created in 1916 “to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wildlife … for the enjoyment of future generations”, the Parks have been called “America’s greatest idea”.  We have the chance to visit them for free

  • Understanding Electricty

    Electricity generation and use is a powerful component of our individual greenhouse gas emissions. So, if we want curb emissions and bend that all-important CO2 curve, we need to understand a bit about electricity, especially our own electricity. Marketwatch has a great piece, “6 Things You Don’t Know About Your

  • Your Power Workout

    In our modern society we have little physical labor built into our daily routines. Instead of being out plowing the fields, we now normally head to the gym to get fit. But if we are trying to lead a life that is easy on the environment, driving our car to

  • Save Time, Save Water, Save Your Clothes by Washing Them Less

    Are you one of those people who throws your clothes and towels into the laundry hamper after a single use? Or equally shameful, have you raised your children to think that’s permissible? Every clothes washing cycle uses energy and water (which in turn use more water and energy respectively), AND

  • Healthy Pets

    Fleas and ticks can cause big problems for pets and their owners. In one day a single flea can bite your dog/cat more than 400 times, consuming more than its body weight of your pet’s blood. But do we really want to douse our pets in harsh chemicals to get

  • Put That Yard to Work: Be a Yardfarmer

    Well, not everyone can be an official “yardfarmer”, but we can all get into the spirit of transforming a bit of our yards or decks into food-producing landscape. If you want to get inspired to take it to a new level, check out Yardfarmers which is creating a reality TV