• Raising the Bar

    The results are in and we have a clear winner. If you want a “green” clean, use a bar of soap and skip the liquids.  Using a life-cycle comparison, liquid options have an environmental footprint 10 times that of a traditional bar of soap! First off we can compare how

  • Food on the Go

    After a long road trip, is your car littered with coffee cups, soda bottles, sandwich and candy bar wrappers? How many boxed lunches have you eaten at work meetings where the volume of trash exceeded the size of the food you ate? How many plastic cups, stirrers and empty snack

  • Learning the 3Rs

    Ready to live more sustainably? Well, its time we go back to school and learn the 3R’s: REDUCE – REUSE – RECYLE This is the “Waste Hierarchy” and it can guide all of our consumer actions. At the top of the priority list is to reduce. This means we use

  • Finley’s birthday gift takes root in Kenya—18 trees for 18 years

    Today is Finley’s birthday and we’re in Nairobi, Kenya honoring the day with the Green Belt Movement, one of Finley’s first two grantees. Together with the GBM we began the planting of 18 trees for Finley’s 18 years. The trees are in a special space dedicated to Finley called the

  • Announcing the 2018 Grant Recipients—4 years of grants totaling $150,000!

    To soak in nature. To be moved and inspired. We are grateful to Finley for sharing this powerful feeling and for helping all of us to work together to do what we can for the environment. Thanks to the generosity of so many, today we are able to announce $50,000

  • Good News on Earth Day!

    Our final ‘Birthday to Earth Day’ post—before we announce our grants later today—is from Coleman, Finley’s big brother, and gives a little well deserved encouragement for all the efforts we have been making to green our ways. —  Everyone knows that humanity is causing the planet a few problems, and

  • Weed killer be gone

    Spring has spring, and so have the weeds.  Unfortunately, it also means that the annual assault from glyphosate, sold under the brand name Roundup®, is gearing up. The chemical, which is now found in the majority of U.S. rivers and streams, 70% of rainfall samples, and much of our non-organic

  • Inspiration, education, and getting your hands dirty!

    Today’s post is from a dear family friend,  and Finley fan (as you will see), Grace Pezzeminti. Whenever my uncle invited my father to go deep sea fishing, he would bring along his briefcase, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. That should give you an idea of

  • Veggielution!

    Today’s post is from Finley’s cousin, Emma Eaton.  Emma is about to graduate with her World Health major! Last summer I had the privilege of working as both a farm and program liaison intern at Veggielution, an urban farm in the heart of downtown San Jose. This allowed me to

  • Take a Positive Step

    Here’s a riddle: what’s one easy thing that you can do every day that will improve your health, save money, and help air quality?  Hint: It starts with “w”.  Yup: Walk more! Walking for any purpose is good for your physical and mental health, but when you substitute walking for