• Small Acts on a Global Scale

    These messages on a National Park Train in WALES remind us that our friends around the world are also practicing the many small acts of reduce, reuse and recycle that are important in Finley’s “Green Leap” ideals.

  • Back to School

    Youth are calling for an immediate response to climate change.  Young organizers across the globe are taking action. This past fall, 4 million students took to the streets and protested the lack of progress from politicians and businesses. But here in the US, many of these students are not receiving

  • Don’t Underestimate the Awesomeness of Youth

    If we have learned a lesson from Finely, it is that a light heart can hold serious convictions. Finley admired and drew inspiration from young people—which is why, though almost 18, she convinced her doctors that she should be admitted to the children’s oncology ward. Maybe she saw in others

  • Don’t Practice Wishful Recycling 

    It is great that we’ve taken recycling to heart, but don’t let your aversion to throwing things in the trash tempt you into wishful recycling.  According to our local landfill employees, pizza boxes are the #1 wishful recycling item.  When you put questionable recyclables into the recycling bin you are

  • BREAKING NEWS: Glass and Single Stream Recycling Don’t Mix!

    It was a news flash to me when I learned a few weeks ago that many of our surrounding counties no longer accept glass in Single Stream Recycling—a painful revelation for an environmentally concerned craft beer manufacturer.  I spoke with our local waste management recycling managers and got the story

  • Skip that Sale

     Hi. My name is Henry Proctor, Finley’s cousin. Have you ever thought about this? When stores have a discount sale, hundreds of people come and fill up shopping carts of junk that they don’t need and the more that people buy, the more junk that companies will make. All these

  • Going Solar Today on Finley’s Birthday!

    Happy Birthday Finley!  For our first Birthday to Earthday post this year we recognize that sometimes it just takes that extra nudge to do the right thing.  An investment in solar energy can feel like a leap even when you know it makes good financial sense.  A commitment to Finley

  • $50,000 in Grants Announced Today

    A big ‘Ta Da’ from Finley this Earth Day as her fund makes another $50,000 in grants, bringing the total since she started the fund to $200,000!  We are all so proud of her and so grateful to all of you for making the planet a priority.  Each year we

  • The Imposible Burger 

    I encountered my first impossible burger this winter—I saw it on the Founding Farmer’s Menu  and based on the chatter about it at the table, I decided to take the gamble and order this ‘non-beef’ burger.  Wow.  This burger is as revolutionary as it is cracked up to be—juicy and

  • Waste Not, Want Not

    Waste not, want not: Advice that stands the test of time. If your favorite lotion or shampoo had a promotion for 10% more in the bottle, you’d be all over that, right? The truth of the matter is that the 10% extra is waiting for you in every bottle if