Skip that Sale

 Hi. My name is Henry Proctor, Finley’s cousin. Have you ever thought about this?

When stores have a discount sale, hundreds of people come and fill up shopping carts of junk that they don’t need and the more that people buy, the more junk that companies will make.

All these factories pollute with chemicals and smoke, they waste electricity and use habitat that animals need and can’t live without.  Polar Bears are impacted by climate change. Spider Monkeys are hurt when forests are cut down. Sea Turtles are threatened by light pollution.

Then some of this junk ends up in the ocean and pollutes the ocean and makes it yucky to swim in and kills more animals.

So, make a yard sale of all this junk. Don’t buy what you don’t need. Instead of going to discount sales, donate money to a rainforest organization like RESERVA or donate to an animal care center or a National Park.

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