6 feet, 36 trees, 60,000 dollars


Since Finley’s birthday on March 12th, 6 feet has kept us all apart and brought us all together around the globe. It has also interrupted 36 days of Birthday to Earth Day posts which, this year, are transforming into 36 new trees planted—beginning with the beautiful willow oak that went in the ground this morning (pictured below). But most excitingly, 6 feet has also inspired us to increase our grants this year to $60,000. So in true Finley fashion, making something fun out of something not so fun, we hope you will join us in celebrating the work of the great people behind the organizations Finley’s Green Leap Forward Fund will be giving $15,000 grants to this year: CoolEarth, Rainforest Trust, Cacapon Institute, and Eden Reforestation Projects. These people share Finley’s enthusiastic spirit and are putting it into action by planting trees, preserving rainforest, and sequestering carbon—doing good for communities in need in the process. Thank you all for continuing to think of Finley and for your part in making these grants possible. Now that’s a beautiful way of bringing people together!

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