• Community Solar Gardens

    Everybody loves the neighborhood community garden, right? Folks from all walks of life come together to cultivate a patch of land and enjoy their local harvest. This same idea is catching on with solar energy production. By buying or leasing a “share” in a local community solar garden, you can

  • Fresh (news) from your Seafood Counter

    The products available at your seafood counter are changing. For the first time global consumption of farm raised seafood has surpassed wild caught. Now more than 50% of fish consumed in the US is from Aquaculture—the fastest growing form of food production in the world. Wild caught options at your

  • Good Dirt

    Spring is in the air, and gardening is on our minds. Local garden stores are gearing up with tantalizing seedlings and blooming perennials to entice even the brownest of thumbs. Along with the plants themselves are a dizzying array of fertilizers, seed starter mixes and potting soils.  How to choose?

  • Greening Your Flight

    Traveling is a large part of our eco-footprint. If you can’t be a homebody, take the time to find the most efficient mode of transport. The International Civil Aviation Organization has a carbon calculator where you can learn the impact of a proposed airline flight. Then take that info and

  • Bees Wax to Nix the Plastic Wrap

    If you read our post about recyclable plastic bags last Thursday, you’ll know that plastic wrap is one of those films that cannot be recycled. Because, to quote ourselves, “the chemicals and resins added to make the cling wrap “clingy” and stretchable cannot be removed, making it too complex a

  • Naturalize Your Lawn

    Each year, as our yard begins to turn green, I smile and think of the battles Finley fought to convert our “lawn” to more eco-friendly habitat.  It all began with a book we were given by Aunt Lynn (Ike’s big sister), talking about the benefits of “natural lawn care”, which

  • Mind Over Matter

    Today’s post is a flashback to the beginning of our Birthday To Earth Day posting with a beautiful reflection from one of the special people Finley appointed to her Finley’s Green Leap Forward board, Tim Dunn. Over the last four years since Finley created Green Leap Forward and began to

  • “Ode to Big Guy”

    Thank you to our dear friend, Lauren Dunn, for today’s post about love, education, and action! My love for orangutans predates memory. I’ve been told that my grandparents had a stuffed animal that was bigger than me at the time that I used to tote around the house every time

  • Rainwater – Problem or Opportunity?

    Problem or opportunity? When it comes to water, solving “problems” can create opportunities.  Take rainwater, for instance.  Deluges erode soil and nutrients into areas waterways, flood roads and basements, and undermine critical infrastructure. Problem, right? But rainfall is also an opportunity. Capturing it for later use not only reduces the

  • Reefs at Risk

    In 2005, the National Park Service called in a group of experts to investigate the dying coral of Trunk Bay on the Virgin Island of St. John, a place Finley knew well.   The scientists identified the recent warmer waters as having played a part but why was Trunk Bay fairing