Mind Over Matter

Today’s post is a flashback to the beginning of our Birthday To Earth Day posting with a beautiful reflection from one of the special people Finley appointed to her Finley’s Green Leap Forward board, Tim Dunn.

Over the last four years since Finley created Green Leap Forward and began to raise funds to protect our planet’s environment for the benefit of all, I have worn a Green Leap Forward wristband every day. I value it as a constant reminder to do something positive in support of our planet each and every day. It also makes me think about Finley and her positive spirit.

Last week, while our power was out due to the high windstorms, I was extra disorganized as I left home for an extended trip. In my haste, I somehow left home without my green wristband on my arm and didn’t realize it until miles down the road. I was very distraught that I would be without my wristband for 9 days, including her birthday.

Oddly, my initial worry that without my wristband I wouldn’t think about Finely was misguided. During my wristband-free travels she has been on my mind more than ever. I realize now that perhaps I never needed the green wristband to remind me of her. Nonetheless, I will be happier to have it back on tomorrow.

Indeed, the girl’s spirit is strong!