• Waste Not, Want Not

    Waste not, want not: Advice that stands the test of time. If your favorite lotion or shampoo had a promotion for 10% more in the bottle, you’d be all over that, right? The truth of the matter is that the 10% extra is waiting for you in every bottle if

  • Chew on this!

    Historians believe humans have enjoyed chewing gum for 9,000 years. Mayans, Greeks, Scandinavians and Native Americans all knew the pleasure of distilling tree sap into this yummy concoction.   But now, conventional gum base is synthetic, made from polyethylene and/or polyvinyl acetate. That’s right. We are chewing on plastic –

  • Once Upon a Mattress

    Recycling bottles and cans is a no-brainer, but what to do with a mattress that’s outlived its usefulness? Fortunately, there are better options than sending it to the landfill. Before tossing the mattress, first reconsider. Can the mattress be cleaned or repaired? Will a topper meet your needs for less

  • A Farmer’s Market Tradition

    Thanks to Finley’s cousin, Morgan Braswell, for sharing her Farmer’s Market tradition! Grocery shopping is a necessity, but unfortunately grocery stores are a sea of single-use plastics. While reusable produce and grocery bags help combat some of the problem, they don’t tackle the pesky plastic packaging around fruits or address

  • Walk a mile in these shoes

    Chances are, you have sneakers in your closet. And chances are, before long you’ll need to replace those sneakers especially if you’re a runner. But what to do with your former shoes? Happily, there are many options to keep you from sending them to the landfill. If your shoes are

  • Switch It Up – Clean Energy

    Have you looked at your utility bills recently?  Chances are your energy provider is offering new green power options.  Instead of using polluting fossil fuels, you can switch over to clean electricity sourced from wind, geothermal, hydroelectric, biomass or solar.  This upgrade typically costs an extra $5-10 a month and

  • A Party for the Planet

    Everyone loves a party…but a party that loves the environment is even better. After years of big-party throwing, here are some of my favorite green ideas for the host or hostess with the mostess. SCRAP THE COOLER WITH SINGLE SERVE BEVERAGES   Anyone who has cleaned up after a party knows

  • Take a Spin

    Remember as a child going to the big city and swishing around in a revolving door?  Now we trudge off to our office buildings and choose the traditional door instead. We’ve lost that gleeful, private moment of suspension between inside and out.  And… the old-fashioned door that we chose uses

  • Not All Fuels Are Created Equal

    We can’t all choose the perfect car, but no matter what we drive, we can improve our emissions with the fuel we choose to put in the tank.  Each gallon of unleaded gas creates about 20 pounds of C02. Gas blended with just 10% ethanol (a bio fuel made from

  • Whole Lotta Printin’ Going On

    Everywhere we look there is printed material. The average 9-to-5er generates almost 10,000 sheets of paper a year, according to the EPA. That’s a lotta trees and a lotta ink! Thankfully there is a whole lot we can do to limit the impact of our printing. First, let’s start with