A Farmer’s Market Tradition

Thanks to Finley’s cousin, Morgan Braswell, for sharing her Farmer’s Market tradition!

Grocery shopping is a necessity, but unfortunately grocery stores are a sea of single-use plastics. While reusable produce and grocery bags help combat some of the problem, they don’t tackle the pesky plastic packaging around fruits or address the distance many of our produce travels to reach our local aisles. One great way to avoid plastics and to shop local is by visiting a farmers market. An added perk is that the food is tastier and fresher and the atmosphere much more enjoyable. Rather than fighting checkout lines, you can enjoy some fresh air. Recently, I’ve resurrected my dad’s tradition of biking to the farmers market every Saturday, something he began doing with me when I still rode in the baby seat on the back of his bike. Not only does biking more and eating healthier benefit the environment, but it also benefits one’s health. Moreover, farmers markets often allow dogs, and what’s better than shopping with your four-legged friend? A healthy planet and happy pups are just one of the many reasons farmers markets are so great. So, as the weather warms up, be sure to consider checking out your local farmers market before heading out to the grocery store. 

Here’s a link to help find local produce near you