$50,000 in Grants Announced Today

A big ‘Ta Da’ from Finley this Earth Day as her fund makes another $50,000 in grants, bringing the total since she started the fund to $200,000!  We are all so proud of her and so grateful to all of you for making the planet a priority. 

Each year we grow more engaged with the great work of our sustaining grantees:  The Cacapon Institute, Cool Earth, The Green Belt Movement, and Rainforest Trust.  We are thrilled to be able to make a $10,000 grant to each of them supporting trees, water, rainforest preservation, indigenous peoples—and through them all, carbon sequestration.

This year we also are making three smaller grants totaling another $10,000 to extend our reach to other great efforts for the environment.

First, a $5,000 grant to William & Mary’s Green to Gold program—a green revolving fund established in 2016 to reduce William and Mary’s impact on the environment.  Finley was accepted early decision to William and Mary to study environmental policy—an accomplishment which gave her tremendous joy and hope for the future.  We are so happy for Finley to be able to help W&M reduce carbon emissions—something we know she would have enthusiastically supported as a student on campus.

This year we will also be making two grants of $2500 each to two very special people we met on our trip to Kenya.  Elizabeth Mazingira and Harison Karanja.  Both impressed us with their Finley-like enthusiasm for the planet.  Elizabeth is making an impact on climate in Kenya through her Green Generation Initiative—engaging young students in tree planting efforts and environmental education at schools across the country. You can meet Elizabeth and read more about her project here:  http://www.lizmazingira.com/.  And Harison is changing the landscape at the at the Masai Inkoisuk school with his tireless efforts to plant 1000 trees on the school campus by the rainy season.  

We’ll be posting progress throughout the year on all of these projects through Facebook and on Finley’s blog at www.finleysgreenleapforward.org.  Follow us and see the difference you, and Finley are making for the planet!


Mark your calendars!

Give Local Piedmont – May 7, 2019

We hope you’ll join in the fun as we compete with other non-profits working for incentive grants on Give Local Piedmont Day this May 7st. If you want to contribute, this is your chance to leverage your donation through matching funds!  And as an extra incentive…Old Bust Head will be offering a free beer for those who make a donation to Finely’s Fund through Give Local Piedmont.  

Old Bust Head Benefit 5K – October 19, 2019

Gather with us for a beer and a run at the 6th annual Old Bust Head Benefit 5K on October 19th benefiting Finley’s Green Leap Forward. Run in costume, bring your dog, or run to win!