Announcing the 2018 Grant Recipients—4 years of grants totaling $150,000!

To soak in nature. To be moved and inspired. We are grateful to Finley for sharing this powerful feeling and for helping all of us to work together to do what we can for the environment. Thanks to the generosity of so many, today we are able to announce $50,000 in grants distributed to 5 organizations that are living, breathing, assemblies of people making a huge impact on the planet.

In addition to continuing our support to The Green Belt Movement, The Cacapon Institute, Cool Earth, and Rainforest Trust, we are so excited to announce this year that Finley will be helping to heal the ocean she loved so much through a grant to the Pristine Seas project.  

We’ll be adding information on Pristine Seas to the Finley’s Green Leap Forward website over the coming week where you can also read about the great impacts of these other hard working organizations:

2018 Earth Day Grants:

Green Belt Movement – $10,000

Cacapon Institute – $10,000

Cool Earth – $10,000

Rainforest Trust – $10,000

Pristine Seas – $10,000



Coming soon!

Give Local Piedmont – May 1, 2018

We hope you’ll join in the fun as we compete with other non-profits working for incentive grants on Give Local Piedmont Day this May 1st. If you want to contribute, this is your chance to leverage your donation through matching funds!

Old Bust Head Benefit 5K – October 20, 2018

Gather with us for a beer and a run at the 5th annual Old Bust Head Benefit 5K on October 20th benefiting Finley’s Green Leap Forward. Run in costume, bring your dog, or run to win!