A Green Shopping List

When we go green, we avoid unnecessary purchases. So, today we have a shopping list of useful items that everyone needs around their house. Instead of heading to the mall for retail therapy, make a trip to the hardware store to find these products that will reduce your home energy use. Here is your list:

– programmable thermostat

– chimney balloon to stop drafts

– insulated curtains or shades to reflect sun in summer and retain heat during winter

– compact fluorescent light bulbs

– low flow shower heads

– extra layer of insulation for your attic

– electricity usage monitor (like Kill-A-Watt) to see which electronics are using power when shut off

– power strips for office, TV/stereo, small kitchen appliances

– door sweeps for exterior doors

Cross a few of these items off the list this weekend and you will have a win-win — reduce your carbon footprint and save on your energy bills. For lots of inspiration and handy tips, visit the Department of Energy’s guide.