Invest for Change

There is a movement in socially responsible investing called “Divest Invest”. The idea is for individuals and institutions to take their money out of environmentally irresponsible industries like coal, gas, and mining. Then they invest those funds in organizations that are making positive change happen. Lots of small, publicly traded firms are creating innovative solutions to environmental problems. They could use a boost.

Many mainstream financial advisors don’t know enough yet about social and environmental investment to be very helpful. So, for advice and trusted endorsements you can visit Divest Invest and they will point you in the right direction.

“Climate change is real. Now is the time to act.”  – Divest Invest Pledge

If Leonardo DiCaprio, Sierra Club and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund have taken the Divest Invest Pledge, then it must be a good idea, right? This is a bandwagon we can jump on.  Here is a TED talk for inspiration.