Just Say No Thanks

Like most other single use plastics in our modern life, straws have become a habit. They aren’t anything we need but still Americans go through 500 million drinking straws each day. Watch Jeff Bridges speak truth about plastics.

Here is a common scenario: a cheerful waitress pulls a handful of straws from her apron and plunks them down on your table. You say, “No thanks”. That was easy, right? Now on your way out, inform the manager to train servers to give out straws only on demand. You can frame your conversation as; the restaurant will save money on purchasing straws.

Steve-Carell-and-strawIt may seem like too small an action but we need to start somewhere. Straws are a $3 billion global market that turns oil into trash for only a few minutes of use. And this garbage is one of the most frequently found pieces of trash in the ocean.

And hey, check out how uncool straws make you look…