Good Wood

Forests are the lungs of our planet but only 15% remain intact. This deforestation is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and is driven by unsustainable and often illegal logging. We can help stop the destruction by purchasing products that are Forest Stewardship Certified (FSC).

FSC is the “Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval” for all wood and paper products, guaranteeing they were responsibly harvested. It is the only system with third-party oversight. All other certifications trust the industry to police itself.

When you purchase FSC, you are assured that no natural forests were converted to plantations, agriculture or real estate developments. They also secure protection of water quality, indigenous peoples, old-growth forests, endangered animals and they put limits on hazardous chemicals.

Sustainable forestry is a growing movement made easier by using the FSC certification as a shopping tool. We can now directly affect forests all over the world.