Order Up!

Restaurants account for approximately 12% of the American economy and take a serious toll on the environment. The greenest option is to eat at home but with our modern lifestyle we normally dine out 4 or 5 times a week. Here are some tips for keeping it green.

As a customer you have the power of your wallet to encourage change. You can patronize spots that support local farmers, compost and have limited menu choices (which reduces waste). Don’t be shy about asking your server about smaller portion sizes. If there are leftovers, bring them home and remember to BYO-Doggy Bag. You wouldn’t want to head home with tomorrow’s delicious lunch packed in Styrofoam! Ask if they donate surplus food to a food bank or sell it after closing through the app Too Good to Go ?  Say “no thanks” to straws and extra napkins.  Stay away from beef or unsustainable seafood and order organic when available. And then inquire with the manager about green certification by the Green Restaurant Association. You’ll be letting them know your priorities and ya know what they say… “the customer is always right!”