Electricity = Water Use

It’s World Water Day: What can you do for water today?

Would you be surprised if we said that you should turn off your lights, skip the blow dryer, and shut down your computer at night?

Yes, that’s right. One important action for protecting water supplies is to use less electricity. That’s because thermo-electric power production (primarily coal, natural gas, and nuclear) accounts for 41% of US water withdrawals – more than any other use. And that’s not even counting the water needed in fuel processing, or the risk that fuel pipelines and spent coal ash piles place on our water supplies.

So, in honor of the world’s water and all that it does for you, take a short walk around your house and office looking for ways to cut your electricity consumption. Even the smallest steps – if there’s a little light or a charger is warm to the touch it means that there is using electricity – add up.

Photo by Thomas Millot on Unsplash