Egg Hunt Wildlife Treats

It has been almost 2 weeks since the egg hunt and we’re still staring at a bowl of jelly beans—but these treats we made for the birds are long gone. If you want a nature-friendly and healthy alternative for your Easter eggs try adding treats for your wild friends. Fill eggs with a fun mix of bird seed—we used songbird seed, sunflower seeds, and thistle. When the eggs are opened, dump the seed into a collective bowl and follow up with an activity making your own pinecone bird feeders. You’ll need some pinecones (scraggly ones will do), some peanut butter (no palm oil please), and spring-colored string. Tie the string onto the pinecones with enough length to hang on a branch, roll the pinecones in the peanut butter, and then roll in the seeds. Egg-hunters of all ages will have fun making them and watching the birds appreciate their spring treats. Next year, we’ll do more bird seed and fewer jelly beans!

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