Sustaining the planet for future generations—$85,000 in new grants today!

Today we are thrilled to give support to six organizations working towards a sustainable planet where future generations can still experience the wonders of nature.  Through direct efforts to support indigenous communities, to preserve and protect existing forests, and to plant new trees that restore degraded habitats and clean waterways, these organizations are reducing C02 and enriching lives.  We are excited to report that with these grants Finely’s Green Leap Forward Fund will have donated $345,000 to environmental organizations since Finley made the first two grants in 2014. Wow.

We engage personally with each of the organizations we choose and are excited to help these good people do good things.  In addition to $15,000 grants to The Cacapon Institute, Rainforest Trust, Cool Earth, and Eden Project—we welcome back the Greenbelt Movement with a $15,000 grant and make a $10,000 first-time grant to Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, an organization that brings youth together to make a positive impact on the planet.  We’ll be supporting their effort to create a youth-funded preserve in the Choco Cloud forest in Ecuador.  Through her fund, Finley will join with her peers to protect this pristine carbon sinking forest and its unique shrubs, trees, orchids, frogs and other critters who make their home there.  Even better, this grant will be matched by Rainforest Trust for double the impact.

We extend a big thank you to Finley, and to all of you who made these Earth Day grants possible!


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