Drive Green to Save Some Green

Are you ready to go car shopping? There have been amazing advances in green technology in the past few years and chances are you can save money & greenhouse gas emissions with an upgrade. Finley was so proud when her family got their first electric car, the Nissan Leaf, maybe it’s time for your family to try one, too?

When driving an electric car, you say good-bye to oil changes and gas stations and hello to an engine with amped up power and to batteries that are now able to travel over 200 miles without a charge. The website, Greener Cars will let you know how your current vehicle stacks up and help you decide what your next purchase might be.

And… driving green helps you save the green! By switching from a standard gasoline engine running on 20mpg to a hybrid averaging 50mpg you can save approximately $1,600 a year in gas. Plus, there are lots of financial incentives for hybrids and electric cars including; a federal tax credit of $2,500 to $7,500 and state/local programs that provide cash rebates, access to HOV lanes, discounted electric rates, parking permits, insurance and more.

You can then feel good about lowering your carbon footprint, saving money, encouraging the car industry to pursue green design and expanding good choices for the used car market. Now that’s a good deal.