Many Shovels Make Light Work

With Finley as our inspiration, we are changing our day-to-day lifestyle to make a positive impact on our environment but we don’t have to do it alone. Finley saw the power of teamwork first hand as part of Highland School’s Green Team. There is nothing quite as satisfying as working to protect something you love with a group of friends.

The opportunities for volunteering are endless so contact a local non-profit today and put it on your calendar. The Cacapon Institute has upcoming tree-planting events. The Nature Conservancy and The Potomac Conservancy are looking for help with watershed cleanups. Grid Alternatives needs folks to support installing solar panels for low-income families. Or use a search engine like Volunteer Match or Idealist, to find other interesting projects that could use your help. And to have a greater influence, reach out to your community groups, schools, workplace, churches, etc and have them join you. The more the merrier!