Shipping: On the Ground

Every well run office has an organized shipping center. Your home can have one too but let’s give it a “green” make over. In the age of Fed-Ex and Amazon, we receive countless packages at home. All of those materials can be reused a time or two before recycling them. No need to buy new boxes, bubble wrap or padded envelopes when perfectly good ones come for free in the mail, just scribble out the original mailing address and you are good to go!

Dedicate part of a closet or under a bed and organize with a few bins. If your supply of packing peanuts gets unruly, remember those can be recycled. You can find a drop-off spot near you here.

If we are well organized with supplies, then getting that Birthday gift off to Aunt Bertha on time should be easy. And we’ll have the added environmental benefit of shipping by Ground versus the very carbon heavy option of Air-mail.  Maybe we can even get your office to ship by Ground?