Plastic Surgery

Plastics in the ocean,

Plastics on the beach,

Plastics in our bodies.


An end we do beseech!

Single-use, throw-away plastics are everywhere in our lives. The downsides are numerous enough to write a book as thick as Moby Dick. Plastics are made from petroleum. Plastics put harmful chemicals including endocrine disruptors in our bodies. Plastics show up as litter on our streets, streams, rivers, oceans, and beaches. Tragically, birds and wildlife ingest colorful plastics or get tangled up in them, leading to painful, unnecessary deaths.

Fortunately, there are many ways to begin cutting plastic out of your life – for you, your family, and your planet. Read here to see the suggestions blogger Margaret Badore has for lowering your dependence on plastic. Do your own “plastic surgery”.