Virtual High-Five

“You just gave up bottled water? Awesome job, buddy!”

Wouldn’t it be great if every time we made a sustainable choice we got a pat on the back? At Finley’s Green Leap Forward we hope that by seeing hundreds of other folks taking positive “green” steps, we will all be motivated to try a little harder. But…we know breaking old habits is hard and sometimes we need lots of encouragement. A gold star acknowledging our hard work might be nice once and awhile.

Well, we found a virtual tool that will do just that: Joulebug  This free app makes doing the right thing easy and fun. Track your latest accomplishments or join some friendly competition. You biked to work? Way to go! Now put that in your Trophy Case and see if your friends can catch up! Watch their video here.

If digital isn’t your thing, know that everyone at Finley’s Green Leap Forward is giving you a high-five every step of the way. We are all in this together and ready to cheer you on!

Photo by Jonas Vincent on Unsplash