Welcome to our Plastic Film Recycling System

Learning to recycle plastic film has been a game changer for us yet with the exception of plastic grocery bags, plastic film products are rarely recycled even by the most environmentally friendly.  You’d be amazed at just how easy it is to do and just how much plastic film goes into your trash, and thereby into our soil, water, and air. 

Follow these few easy steps and give plastic film recycling a try!

  1. Plastic film must by recycled with plastic grocery bags at grocery collection centers.  DO NOT put plastic film in with regular recyclables (it gums up the machines).
  2. Clean the film with a degreasing soap if necessary
  3. Dry by airing out or wiping off
  4. SORRY, you can’t include FROZEN FOOD BAGS, or STRETCHY WRAP.  These products have been mixed with other materials and cannot be recycled.

Remember, no matter what you recycle, you become part of a manufacturing chain.  The new products produced from your recycled raw material are only be as good as what you put in.  So to maximize the quality and profitability and to support the recycling chain make everything you drop in that bin is clean.