Whole World in Our Hands

When it comes to fighting Climate Change, we as citizens need to become movers, shakers and Green Leapers! Here are some ways to put your beliefs into action.

First off, we march. April 22nd is the March for Science “defending the vital public service role science plays”. Then on April 29th is the People’s Climate March “bringing climate crisis solutions to our leaders”.   Both events have sister marches all across the world and are focused on positive goals.

Next we contact our elected officials. Find a political action app that streamlines your efforts or visit the League of Conservation Voters to see how your politicians are voting. For an easy first request, encourage your US Representative to join the Climate Solutions Caucus, a bipartisan group promoting economically viable options to ease climate change. Remember they work for you!

Now, if you are already busy with hands on projects like planting trees or picking up litter, let others know about it. Post it. Blog it. Tweet it. Earth Day Network is tallying up individual “acts of green” and they already have over 2 billion. Politicians are impressed by big numbers so, add your actions to the list.

The urgency of climate change is calling on all of us to get busy Green Leaping.


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